Who May Enter

The 2008 Land Between The Lakes Photo Competition is open to all photographers, of any age, who have submitted a complete registration form and entrance fee. If under 18, a signed permission form from his or her parent or legal guardian must be included. Members of the contest committee, contest judges and their immediate families including children, siblings and spouses are excluded.

What To Enter

All Photographs must have been taken in or of the Land Between The Lakes.

Photographs will be judged in the following 6 categories:

1. Mammals - Portraits and Behavior

2. Birds - Portraits and Behavior

3. Small World Tight Close Up and Macro

4. Connecting People and Nature - People enjoying the LBL

5. Habitat - Landscapes and plant life from wild areas

6. Digitally Enhanced *

*Double exposures, digitally stitched photos and images containing any manipulated or added content should be entered only in category # 6.

You must declare on your entry form if your photograph is of an animal in captivity, such as Woodlands Nature Center, Elk & Bison Prairie or The Homeplace.

No pets or domestic animals will be accepted, with the exception of animals at the Woodlands Nature Center, Elk & Bison Prairie, The Homeplace or animals participating with people in outdoor recreation (for example, hunting dogs or riders on horseback). Please do not harass wildlife in an attempt to photograph it.

Manipulation of images, either film or digital, should be limited to conventional darkroom techniques or basic sharpening, cropping and removal of dust spots. Images should contain only the subject matter as originally seen through the viewfinder (except for the Digitally Enhanced category).

An entrant must hold all rights to a photograph. Photos previously published or pending publication or that violate or infringe upon another person’s copyright, are not eligible. Please do not infringe on the rights of property owners in an attempt to photograph animals.

How To Enter

Click on the "enter photo competition" link to submit a photograph. Only JPG files smaller than 2 MB will be accepted. Upload your photo using the online entry form on the Web site. Repeat this process for each photo entered.

Entry Fee: $20 entry fee ($15 for members of Friends of LBL).

Entrants may submit a maximum of three (3) photos per category.

An image may be entered in only one category. For instance, if a photo of a wood duck preening on a creek might fit in Birds or Habitat, you must choose the one category in which you want the image to compete.

Entries must be uploaded no earlier than July 15, 2008 and no later than 5 pm CST September 15, 2008. Entrants may verify receipt of entries by checking www.lblphotocontest.org and clicking on the 2008 Photo Competition link to view a list of all entrants.


Prizes will be awarded during our 25th Year Celebration of the Land Between The Lakes Association ("Friends of the LBL"), to be held October 25th (watch for details). Winning photographs will be displayed on websites including www.friendsoflbl.org, www.lbl.org, and www.explorekentuckylake.com. Winning photographs will also be exhibited at the Golden Pond Visitors Center in the Land Between The Lakes.

Grand prize…$500

First place, all categories…$300

Second place, all categories…$150

Third place, all categories…$50

Cash awards totaling $3,500


Winners will be selected by a panel of 3 judges.

Entries will be judged on reflection of theme, technical excellence, visual impact, and composition.

All decisions of the judges on all matters relating to the competition are final.

The Fine Print

By entering the Land Between The Lakes Photo Competition entrants agree that if their submission is selected as a winner, they grant LBL Golden Pond Visitor Center the right to display their photograph(s). Exhibition of entries will include photographer credit. Photographers retain ownership of all copyrights. However, by submitting an image for entry in this contest, you automatically shall and hereby do give LBLA and US Forest Service a non-exclusive, not-transferable, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable license without charge to reproduce and display the image in any electronic, optical, physical, or other medium, to modify its size and resolution, and to use your name as the photographer, indefinitely in any media without notification or compensation.

Winners will be required to provide full resolution RAW or Tiff files for reproduction in the magazine and for exhibition prints. Digital files of winning photos must be accompanied by a color print of at least 8x10 inches.


Please do not call about the status of entries. Send questions to competition@lblphotocontest.org