Beautiful images of natural wonders, taken by friend and local artist, Gene Boaz inspired others to be better stewards of our precious natural resources.  (1946 - 1999)

Gene’s extensive photographic collection of nature and its environment includes wildlife portraits and behavior of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, extensive eastern wildflowers, some western wildflowers, ferns, and trees. His landscapes from majestic panoramas to macros include Southeast's Wetlands, swamps, forests, mountains, and more. His photographs include children and Boy Scouts, Land Between the Lakes (KY-TN), Shawnee National Forest (IL), Reelfoot Lake (TN), Yellowstone NP, Wind River Range (WY).

Selected credits and magazines include, Audubon, National Wildlife, Kentucky Afield, Outdoor & Travel Photography Magazine, Your Health, Living Bird, Sierra, Cruising World, Nature Photography, Ducks Unlimited, Backpacker Wild Bird, National Parks, BOOS-Image Bank, (Barns of America) Meridian Publishing, Image Graphics, Time Life Books-Trail of Tears, the American Indian, Nature Photography, A Current Perspective (Roger Tory Peterson Institute) Smithsonian Books (Smithsonian Guides to Natural America), Reader's Digest Books, and TVA postcards.

Related credentials are: Best of show 1993 Roger Tory Peterson Institute (Nature Photography A Current Perspective) PPA Master Photographer, and President of Jackson Purchase Audubon Society.

Gene held leadership positions with nature and conservation groups and would hold three to five day workshops and tours in several state parks and national recreational areas. He was an interpretive naturalist, magazine columnist and Federal wildlife rehabilitator. He spent many summers as the supervisor of the nature center at the Boy Scout camp. Gene had a keen interest in sailing and while at the Boy Scout camp he taught the Scouts how to sail by taking them on Kentucky Lake sailing adventures aboard his personal sailboat.

The Land Between The Lakes Photo Contest was inspired by Gene’s dedication and aims to encourage today’s wildlife photographers and to foster greater appreciation of the Land Between The Lakes wildlife and its natural resources.